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NOV 2019 NEWS Aluko & Oyebode

Aluko & Oyebode and Blaugrana Sports International (BSI), the official licensee of FC Barcelona Football Academy (FCBESCOLA LAGOS) in Nigeria has entered an agreement to promote the development of sports and talent management in Nigeria.

The aim of this partnership is to work closely with BSI in mitigating legal bottlenecks in the Nigerian sports industry and promote best practices in the areas of player management, youth and sports development in Nigeria.

Speaking on this development, BSI Chairman, Leslie Oghomienor commended “the Firm’s interest in the Nigerian sports industry and envisages that this partnership will further promote legal best practice in the business of sports in Nigeria.”

The Firm’s Senior Associate, Nta Ekpiken representing the Firm at the signing ceremony stated, “this development further underscores the Firm’s commitment to youth and sports development in Nigeria. BSI has identified a gap in the sports ecosystem in Nigeria with regards to talent management and player development. We are looking forward to working with BSI.”

With this agreement, Aluko & Oyebode and BSI will work closely to protect and serve the young talents at designated stages of their careers as well as offer ethical “best advise” at all times. This agreement will implement a legal structure that protects and supports both the players, the management and improve sports business in Nigeria.

About Aluko & Oyebode

Established in 1993, Aluko & Oyebode has 17 partners and over 80 senior associates and associates with varied areas of expertise and combined experience that spans several years in all areas of Nigerian law and international law. Aluko & Oyebode also has a full complement of highly qualified business services staff and deploys state of the art technology to improve performance, effectiveness and efficiency in its operations and its delivery of client services.

About Blaugrana Sports International (BSI)

Blaugrana Sports International (BSI) is a company incorporated to promote youth development, grassroots empowerment and the values of sportsmanship, humility, humanity and social integration through sports development programs.

BSI is assisting the federal government in facilitating the creation of a sporting culture in Nigeria. BSI has developed a plan to broad-base sports in Nigeria, help in infrastructure development and provide technical support for athletes through professional coaching and training centres to nurture and groom talented athletes. BSI provides opportunities for young talents to understand and adopt internationally-recognised football ethics and methodology.

BSI is the official licensee of FC Barcelona Football Academy (BARCA ACADEMY LAGOS), its first and only school in Nigeria where there are a good number of FC Barcelona coaches tasked with teaching young players on the FC Barcelona football methodology, ethics and concept of the game and also guide them on how to face any circumstances they might encounter through their professional careers if they end up having one.

BSI are the owners of FC Bulmaro who ply their trade in the Nigerian Nationwide League One.