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JAN 2019 NEWS Aluko & Oyebode

We are delighted to co-sponsor the 2019 Entry Level Associate Training Exercise (ELEVATE). ELEVATE is a practical inter-firm professional development programme collaboratively designed and sponsored by Aluko & Oyebode and 5 other Nigerian law firms for their respective entry-level lawyers as they begin professional careers in corporate and commercial legal practice.

The ELEVATE sponsor firms (“Sponsors”) aim to attract and invest in the best available lawyers in the Nigerian legal market. The Sponsors recognise benefits of promoting ELEVATE as a shared resource facility for structured training across common areas of expertise and skill sets:

  • to accelerate the preparedness of, and improve the quality of the output of entry level lawyers to facilitate seamless integration into the Sponsor firms.
  • to equip entry level associates with practice skills and an understanding of the importance of commercial awareness in the application of technical knowledge in practice.
  • to enhance academic knowledge and technical skills in key practice areas including those not typically covered in academic curricula.
  • to offer the opportunity to enhance soft skills including a range of communication and business skills training, time management and work-life balance, to facilitate professional development and aid in the success of entry level talent.