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JAN 2024 NEWS Aluko & Oyebode

Lagos, Nigeria – January 2024: Aluko & Oyebode, Nigeria’s leading full-service commercial law firm, has rebranded itself as ALN Nigeria | Aluko & Oyebode, marking a significant milestone on its journey of offering top-tier legal services, pan-African expansion and global prominence.

ALN Nigeria | Aluko & Oyebode’s rebranding marks a significant milestone in the Firm’s  thirty year journey and reinforces its renewed commitment to ensuring clients success as they navigate Africa’s emerging order. Across Africa, economic dynamics present a mix of opportunities and growth factors, including rapid urbanisation and a growing youthful population. These demographic trends, coupled with the continent’s vast resources and increasing economic integration, create significant potential for investment

In response to the dynamic business landscape in Africa, ALN Nigeria | Aluko & Oyebode has evolved into a contemporary, approachable and knowledgeable alliance of trusted advisors, fully attuned to the demands of the digital age.

Joining ALN, an alliance of leading corporate law firms across Africa, strategically positions ALN Nigeria | Aluko & Oyebode to collaboratively offer integrated cross-border capabilities, leveraging local knowledge combined with international expertise.  It also positions the firm to support clients in evaluating opportunities, navigating complex deals across Africa and addressing challenges around policies, exchange rate regimes as well as ease of doing business, while capitalising on Africa’s market demands including those arising from the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Agreement.

With access to on-the-ground expertise across 14 African jurisdictions through the alliance; the firm now support clients in analysing nuanced risks and opportunities across key regional markets. Through ALN Nigeria | Aluko & Oyebode’s membership in ALN, clients will benefit from seamless collaboration with affiliated best-friend firms in over 250 locations worldwide. This global reach enables ALN Nigeria | Aluko & Oyebode and the alliance to provide integrated, cross-border solutions tailored to clients’ needs, enabling them to capitalise on Africa’s growth.

The rebrand signifies a strategic move for Aluko & Oyebode within the ALN alliance, strengthening the firm’s position as a thought leader and opinion shaper across Africa. Becoming a member of the alliance is a key milestone towards collating global expertise, continental reach and deep local know-how to help clients achieve their business and investment goals in Nigeria and across Africa.

Olujoke Aliu, co-managing partner of ALN Nigeria | Aluko & Oyebode, expressed her excitement at the change, saying, “Our new brand identity echoes our commitment to delivering top-notch legal services and underscores our aspirations for pan-African expansion. This rebrand empowers us to better serve our clients, aiding them in achieving their goals across regions.”

Gbenga Oyebode, ALN Nigeria | Aluko & Oyebode Of Counsel, emphasized the strategic timing of the firm’s rebranding. Building on the momentum of its 30th anniversary, this refreshed identity positions Aluko & Oyebode for continued success in the years to come. “Africa offers boundless opportunities, and we are dedicated to supporting our clients in this dynamic market. Our rebrand is a crucial part of our strategy to expand our pan-African services, and we are confident that it will propel us towards achieving our objectives,” he said.

The firm now stands proudly under the unifying banner of ALN, understanding that beyond a name change, ALN Nigeria | Aluko & Oyebode represents a powerful synergy:

One Region: Recognising Africa’s interconnectedness and shared economic future.
One Vision: Committed to driving success for clients across the continent and the globe.
One ALN: United by a shared vision, ethos, and expertise, delivering seamless legal solutions.

For ALN, this transformation reinforces its commitment to providing outstanding solutions for clients across the continent, solidifying its pan-African mindset, pragmatism, responsiveness, innovation and relentless determination.

Karim Anjarwalla, ALN Board Director, is thrilled at the latest addition to the alliance. “ALN Nigeria | Aluko & Oyebode’s transformation is a testament to our commitment to evolving with the ever-changing dynamics of the African business landscape. As we unify under the ALN banner, our collective strength enhances our ability to deliver innovative solutions and navigate the complexities of a globalised world,” he said.

The rebrand signals the firm’s commitment to leveraging global resources while retaining on-the-ground know-how. This empowers it to provide tailored legal solutions as clients pursue growth on the continent.

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