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As part of Aluko & Oyebode’s (“the Firm”) commitment to provide valuable support to Nigerian businesses, two units within the Firm, namely, (i) the Telecommunications, Media, Entertainment & Technology unit; and (ii) the Dispute Resolution unit, have identified the film industry (Nollywood) as recipients of our corporate social responsibility initiative.

The Firm acknowledges the hard work and progress of Nollywood, and has decided to provide free legal consulting services to producers of movies or television series with legal content. This legal support is limited to advice on costuming, review of scripts to reflect language in court room, client meetings scenes and court room or law office settings.

The Firm undertakes, on a yearly basis to assist a cumulative of 5 – 7 filmmakers, subject to terms and conditions.

Our pre-requisites for participating filmmakers are as follows:

  •  A registered Nigerian company; and
  • The producers are accredited and members of the necessary agencies.

Kindly email us at if you would require this assistance.