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SEP 2015 NEWS Aluko & Oyebode

September and October Issue

Registry News

The Trademarks Patents & Designs Registry has informed all applicants that a Power of Attorney (POA) document must be filed along with all applications to register trademarks, patents and designs. The Registry warned that failure to submit a POA within two months of filing an application would result in the issuance of “Formalities Examination Report” querying the application for outstanding documentations. This will amongst other things delay the processing of the affected application.

The Registrar has deployed a hands-on approach since his appointment in May 2015. During his meeting with stakeholders recently, the Registrar made a commitment to deal with the pending issues affecting smooth processing of applications.

In the area of publication of trademarks, the Registrar has said that the next Journal for manual applications will combine applications that were filed before the introduction of the IPAS in 2014 as well as all other applications filed manually prior to 2014. He thus assured stakeholders that applications filed before the introduction of the IPAS will not be overlooked…

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