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MAR 2016 NEWS Aluko & Oyebode

January and February Issue

INTA’s Africa Roundtable

The International Trademark Association (INTA) Roundtable program was established to enhance networking and educational opportunities for INTA members throughout the world. The intention is that INTA members would host small Roundtables to provide interactive, high-quality discussion for attendees to share ideas, insights and practice tips in a non-commercial, non-competitive environment.

Hosting a Roundtable is a rewarding way of meeting other INTA members in your region, enhancing your legal and practical knowledge, and raising your profile as well as your firm.

The Roundtable host chooses a suitable topic, selects a speaker or speakers to assist in the discussion, selects a date, and arranges a suitable location for the Roundtable (often a conference room at their office). These events generally work best over lunch time or in the late afternoon and the host will typically provide sandwiches or refreshments and canapes, depending on the time of day. Of course, the host may decide on a different timing and format to suit the local culture.

The arrangements must be approved in advance by INTA and INTA will then take responsibility for advertising and promoting the event on the website and in e-mail blasts to INTA members in the hosts country or region.

In the past Africa was part of the Europe and Middle East project team, this year the team was broken out so that roundtables follow the Global Advisory Councils. As INTA is looking to expand into Africa, it is hoped that putting together roundtables is a great way to reach out to INTA’s members and non-members in the region which is fast becoming a large market and the new frontier.

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