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JAN 2024 NEWS Aluko & Oyebode

In commemoration of National Privacy Week 2024, themed “Shaping Tomorrow’s Privacy Landscape,” here are important messages from our associates:

  • “Tomorrow’s privacy hinges on today’s choices. In order to shape the landscape of tomorrow our commitment lies in fostering a culture of data protection, where innovation and security come together to safeguard the digital future of individuals and organisations” – Olawale Adedipe.
  • “Data privacy and protection compliance planning is essential to business growth in any data driven economy. The journey starts from the point where the need for data is conceived, it covers the retention life cycle up unto when the data is fully and properly deleted or destroyed” – Timothy Ogele.
  • “In the era where data is deemed the new oil, safeguarding it requires a continuous dedication towards empowering individuals with control over their personal information. Prioritising privacy today is our contribution to shaping tomorrow’s privacy landscape” – Gideon Edem.
  • “The controls built on privacy today determine the longevity of any organisation. Privacy framework and implementation are critical to an organisation’s activities and decisions” – Oyinkansola Adebayo.
  • “Privacy is a human right and as the world increasingly becomes digitised, it is necessary for businesses and individuals to embrace a culture of protecting data privacy” – Moyinoluwa Jemiriye.