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SEP 2023 NEWS Aluko & Oyebode

In May 2023, the Lagos office of Aluko and Oyebode had the pleasure of visiting Stadium Senior High School and Ajigbeda Girls Senior High School for the AO Teach For Nigeria week. This annual event is an opportunity for the firm to reaffirm its commitment to supporting educational initiatives that address educational inequality in Nigeria.

During the visit, the firm’s team members engaged with students and teachers in a variety of activities, including interactive workshops, career guidance sessions, and mentorship programs. They also donated educational materials and resources to the schools.

Aluko and Oyebode is proud to partner with Teach for Nigeria, a non-profit organization that is working to create a just and equitable society where all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential through education. The firm is committed to supporting Teach for Nigeria’s mission of eradicating educational inequality in Nigeria.

We encourage you to visit to contribute to the Teach for Nigeria’s cause of eradicating educational inequality in Nigeria.