AML/CFT Reporting and Compliance

Anti-Money Laundering/ Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Compliance.

Our robust Governance, Risk and Compliance services includes legal advice on all aspects of AML/CFT (including Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption) rules and regulations. We assist our Nigerian, regional and multinational clients cut across various industries in navigating the complex and overlapping legal and regulatory AML/CFT landscape in Nigeria and internationally ranging from the implementation of robust compliance measures to robust responses to red flags or interaction with regulators.

Our Team is able to:

    • Review and enhance AML/CTF policies, procedures, and internal controls consistent with regulatory expectations and international best practices; and assist with implementation of developed policies;
    • Conduct bespoke trainings on AML/CFT laws and requirements;
    • Assist with regulatory reporting requirements;
    • Provide legal advice in connection with risk-based procedures such as KYC, due diligence of customers and financial counterparties;
    • Conduct AML/CFT compliance monitoring assurance reviews;
    • Provide legal assistance for regulatory inquiries or investigations

The GRC team is able to address all AML/CFT needs of our clients in a practical, value-oriented and effective manner.

Please contact Adeolu Idowu, for further information and a proposal on our AML/CFT compliance practice.

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

Today’s business environment is going through a profound transformation resulting in a shift required of businesses from having a passive or neutral position to maintaining an active stance on issues such as economic development, corporate governance, climate change, socially responsible investing and impact investing. The impact that businesses have on society has gained prominence and attention and that has created complexities as well as opportunities. Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) principles have become the accepted standard in measuring and achieving these objectives in business.

At ALN Nigeria | Aluko & Oyebode, we help our clients who are spread across various industries to develop ESG strategies that align with their objectives and industry best practices as a business. We apply the various applicable frameworks including the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, UN Global Compact Principles, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, International Labour Organisation Conventions, International Financial Corporation Performance Standards, United Nations Convention Against Corruption, OECD Principles of Corporate Governance OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises etc. and stay abreast of developments impacting ESG.

Our Team provides the following ESG Advisory services:

  • ESG Identification and Analysis
  • ESG Program Design and Execution
  • ESG Assessment
  • ESG Due Diligence
  • ESG Reporting
  • ESG Assurance and Monitoring

Consistent with the Firm’s general approach to the practice of law, the Team is able to address the needs of our clients in a practical, value-oriented and cost-effective manner. Please contact Adeolu Idowu, for further information and a proposal on our ESG services.

Reporting and Whistleblowing

An effective compliance programme is made more robust and has increased chances of success by the availability of an effective reporting and whistleblowing framework. It serves as an early-warning system for identifying and combating substandard practices, poor judgement and wrongdoing in different forms and establishes the basis for successful risk management. Concerned persons can pass on information within a robust system, keeping the information private and confidential and ensuring that matters can be treated seriously leading to effective action and change, where necessary.

Whistleblowing also facilitates the protection of reputational and financial integrity and the identification of legal risks as well as being a strong aid in determining to some degree, the health of a company.

Our Reporting and Whistleblowing service is able to:

  • Provide accessible, independent and reliable reporting channels with options for anonymity void of compromise or inappropriate influence.
  • Provide comprehensive policies and guidelines for implementation and the establishment of consistent protocols across all departments.
  • Assist with providing a robust protection framework against all forms of retaliation.
  • Provide mechanisms for following up on disclosures to promote reforms that correct legislative, policy or procedural inadequacies and prevent future wrongdoing.

We are able to manage whistleblowing reports on several areas including breaches of law, regulations or company policies. Reports can also be made on professional malpractice, conflicts of interest, poor corporate governance, wrongful termination, bullying or harassment, sexual harassment, corporate fraud, kickbacks, pricing fraud, off-label marketing, procurement fraud, customs fraud, embezzlement, insurance fraud, bribery, financial misconduct and other conduct or behaviour that fall short of the law, regulation or company policies.

In compliance with relevant laws and professional rules of conduct, reports using our whistleblowing tools are confidential. The reporter’s identity and the information provided will be safeguarded and protected as required or prescribed. We are also able to develop comprehensive whistleblowing programmes as well as support its efficient implementation with the provision of trainings and the ability to conduct investigations upon receipt of any report.

Leveraging on our leading Nigerian and global governance, risk and compliance expertise we help our clients achieve outcomes that halt wrongdoing, address breaches, provide lessons learned, improve their level of compliance and prevent escalation or repeated wrongdoing.

We invite you to contact Adeolu Idowu, for more information or a proposal on our Reporting and Whistleblowing service.


Banking & Finance Law Attorneys in Lagos

Nigeria’s banking and finance sectors, as well as the laws that regulate them, are dynamic and evolving globally. Our lawyers remain at the forefront of regulatory and policy developments to help our clients navigate through rapidly-changing terrain, to seize new opportunities and achieve strategic goals.

We advise financial institutions, top multi-national companies and investors on cutting-edge finance transactions across various industries and guide Nigerian financial institutions on their day-to-day business operations. With our extensive experience and bespoke legal services, we can devise creative solutions and innovative strategies on challenging and complex transactions.

We represent major Nigerian and international lending institutions, multi-lateral agencies, developmental financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, leasing companies, investment firms, private equity firms, conglomerates and other types of financial institutions in some of the most dynamic and complex deals and at times plain vanilla transactions.

We invite you to explore the depth of our experience and impeccable credentials further. Please contact Managing Partner, Kofo Dosekun, and our other practice partners, Oludare Senbore, and Reginald Udom, with any questions or matters you have.

Capital Markets

Capital Markets and Securities Law Lagos

Nigeria’s large and increasing population, as well as the size of its economy, offer limitless growth opportunities for capital markets. As a top-tier capital markets law firm, we advise clients on a broad spectrum of capital market transactions, including corporate restructurings, divestitures, schemes of arrangement and reconstruction, derivatives, stock exchange listings, collective investment schemes, IPOs, global depository receipts (GDRs) and public offers of debt and equity.

Clients choose us for our ability to navigate the complexities of the evolving markets and for our efficient advice on many types of transactions. We think ahead and analyse the industries in which clients operate and investigate issues before they become complications. We embrace our client’s cutting-edge goals and visions.

Competition & Antitrust

Competition & Antitrust law firm in Nigeria

We offer our Nigerian and international clients seamless representation in the well-developed area of Nigerian merger enforcement, antitrust laws, regional integration and competition policy and antitrust enforcement, as well as in the emerging arena of restrictive business practices regulation.

Our clients, regardless of industry, rely on us for dispute resolution, resolution of business challenges and for our help in accomplishing their mergers and other deals. With our cross-border capabilities, incisive knowledge of Nigerian laws and practices, and comprehensive expertise in mergers, competition law, antitrust laws, government investigations and litigation, we have a track record of success.

We have offices in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, Nigeria. We invite you to contact Oludare Senbore with your questions and issues.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Compliance Lawyers in Lagos

Governance, risk and compliance principles have recently been articulated as an integrated collection of all capabilities to ensure that organisations reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity.

Our advisory services in this field encompass several statutory and regulatory frameworks, global standards, territorial and extraterritorial anti-corruption laws, economic sanctions, fraud, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing laws as well as foreign investment regulations. We also advise on global standards affecting or applicable to businesses such as ESG standards, ethics and compliance frameworks and standards and global best practice.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance issues are uppermost in the minds of board members, executives, employees, investors, shareholders, communities and stakeholders today. The GRC team at ALN Nigeria | Aluko & Oyebode assist our Nigerian and multinational clients to navigate complex corporate governance codes applicable in Nigeria, develop and implement practices and procedures to avoid governance issues arising currently or in future. We also support clients who have suffered corporate governance failings and advise on the appropriate remedial steps to be taken.

We help our clients proactively implement effective programmes to address governance issues, regulatory matters and compliance issues, including ongoing disclosure requirements and filings, capital market activities, fiduciary duties and shareholder relations that all prescribe best practice.

Legal Risk Management

In order to manage, minimize and/or control the exposure of investment to and impact of risks that arise in the normal course of business, companies practice risk management. We work with our clients to develop effective risk management processes that align with good corporate governance as well as ethics and compliance best practices. We advise our clients on legal risks that may arise and provide the necessary legal support in their decisions to strategically accept and manage risks by applying GRC processes.


For many years, our firm has assisted clients operating in highly regulated sectors in complying with heightened scrutiny and regulatory oversight, as well as to navigate the complexity of Nigeria’s legal and regulatory system. We also support clients in responding to regulatory inquiries and strengthening compliance measures, and in developing robust compliance programmes.

We guide our clients in developing compliance matrixes and by providing updates on a regular basis, they are best placed to stay in good standing with relevant regulations and regulatory agencies.


The GRC services we offer are in the general areas of:

    • Compliance Programmes
    • Corporate Governance
    • Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)
    • Business Ethics
    • Anti-Trust, Competition and Consumer Protection
    • Ethics and Compliance Risks Management
    • Data Protection and Cyber Security
    • Governance, Risk and Compliance Training
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Regulatory Transitioning for Businesses
    • Regulatory Interface
    • Business Assurance Reviews
    • Reporting and Whistle Blowing
    • Internal Investigations
    • White Collar/Business Crimes Investigations
    • Remedial/Post Incident Management and Monitoring

Consistent with the Firm’s general approach to the practice of law, the Team is able to address the needs of our clients in a practical, value-oriented and cost-effective manner. Please contact Adeolu Idowu, for further information and a proposal on our GRC services.

Corporate Services

Corporate law services in Nigeria

Our corporate practice group provides strategic legal advice and proactive support to our clients to help navigate a fast-changing and sometimes opaque regulatory environment. With our deep expertise and specialised skills, we pride ourselves on keeping our corporate clients ahead of evolving regulations for optimal business services.

Our team provides comprehensive business advisory services, including guidance on all aspects of corporate and commercial law. We help clients form corporations, partnerships and joint ventures including unincorporated ventures. We advise on foreign investments, regulatory compliance, all aspects of regulatory compliance and divestments and liquidations.

We help clients and maintain regulatory compliance, statutory reporting and record-keeping requirements. Our company secretarial services team helps our clients to comply with corporate governance codes, as well as giving advice and counsel regarding directors’ fiduciary and legal responsibilities. Our corporate and commercial practice teams are in our offices in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt in Nigeria, Africa with senior level partner oversight in all our locations.

We invite you to contact Oghogho Makinde (Lagos) and Joke Aliu (Abuja) for further information.

Employment, Immigration & Incentives

Employment Lawyers in Port Harcourt

When your company has questions about the legal and regulatory requirements of Nigerian law concerning your expatriate employees or employee relations severally, our immigration lawyers provide the answers, as well as creative, practical and cost-effective solutions.

Our Nigerian and multinational clients in various sectors, including banking, oil and gas, construction, energy, banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods and non-profits, rely on our experienced litigators, labour law specialists, dispute resolution lawyers and tax lawyers for help with all aspects of the employer/employee relationship.

We provide sound and innovative labour law advice, including high-level management and workforce terminations, negotiation and review of employment contracts and consultancy arrangements, employee share schemes, secondment arrangements, wages, outsourcing, pensions, tax liabilities, independent contractors, and health and safety compliance. We also advise on the immigration and tax status of foreign workers in Nigeria.

We have offices in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. We invite you to contact Oghogho Makinde with your labour and employment concerns.

Energy & Natural Resources

Energy & Natural Resources law firm in Nigeria

The volatility of oil prices and the pollution risks of hydrocarbon energy sources add complexity to a competitive global and domestic industry. With a maximum production of 2.5 million barrels per day, Nigeria is the largest producer of oil in Africa and sixth largest in the world. The Nigerian government has called for further domestic and international investment in the hydrocarbons sector, despite the risks.

As a leading Nigerian law firm, we represent the major players in the Nigerian natural resources industry, including Nigerian and international clients. Our lawyers provide businesses, investors and lenders with pragmatic and invaluable legal representation in a broad spectrum of energy and natural resources matters such as oil and gas law. Our clients benefit from our deep knowledge of the legal, commercial and regulatory challenges of the Nigerian natural resources industries. We provide legal advice and assistance across a wide range of energy issues, including some of the most complex and groundbreaking oil, gas, liquefied natural gas and petrochemical transactions.

Our clients trust and depend upon us to navigate the complexities of this dynamic and diverse industry sector, and we provide value-added advice and support in completing complex business transactions, ensuring regulatory compliance, structuring business entities and arranging multilevel financings.

We pride ourselves on teamwork, responsiveness, and our deep expertise and experience in the legal and business aspects of energy and utilities industries.

Please contact Gbenga Oyebode, Kofo Dosekun, Olubunmi Fayokun, Tonye Krukrubo, Oghogho Makinde, Oludare Senbore or Reginald Udom for further information about how our Energy practice group can serve your needs.