Corporate Governance & Compliance SUBPRACTICES

Corporate Governance
  • In an age when corporate governance issues are uppermost in the minds of board members, executives, investors and shareholders, our corporate governance and compliance law team helps our Nigerian and multinational clients to navigate the complex and several corporate governance codes applicable in Nigeria and to develop and implement practices and procedures to avoid governance issues arising in real time and further down the road. We also support clients who have suffered corporate governance failings and advise on the appropriate remedial steps to be taken.
  • We advise our clients about governance issues, regulatory matters and compliance issues, including ongoing disclosure requirements and filings, capital market activities, fiduciary duties and shareholder relations.
Regulatory Compliance
  • In the years since the global financial crisis, our law firm has assisted our financial services clients and other companies and businesses that operate in highly regulated sectors to comply with heightened scrutiny and regulatory oversight, as well as Nigeria’s complicated compliance laws and regulatory system. Our experienced legal governance, risk management and compliance lawyers conduct risk assessments and review all relevant corporate records. We also counsel clients in responding to regulatory inquiries, strengthening compliance measures and developing best practice programmes. We have supported several clients through investigations by various government authorities and collaborate with regulators to ensure any compliance failings are corrected and appropriate systems implemented to avoid future failings.
  • Our notable strength derives from our comprehensive engagement with our clients. We always engage our clients from the outset, particularly newly established companies, in developing compliance matrixes and providing updates on a regular basis. This allows our clients to stay ahead of the curve.