Employment, Immigration & Incentives SUBPRACTICES


Our lawyers specialising in employment law provide legal support to help our Nigerian and multinational clients achieve their business objectives and remain in legal compliance with the requirements of Nigerian employment law. We also offer planning, advice and strategies to avoid potentially disruptive employee disputes. If a legal dispute becomes unavoidable, we aggressively protect our clients’ interests in court, as well as in mediation and arbitration proceedings with our experienced litigators and dispute resolution lawyers.


Our immigration practice has comprehensive experience in all aspects of the legal, political and corporate contexts in which immigration issues arise. The increasingly mandatory localisation rules have spread from the oil and gas sector to multiple sectors and our expertise will help you navigate the fast-changing regulatory landscape. Our immigration lawyers are responsive and efficient and will help you and  your employees and their families navigate the intricacies of Nigerian immigration and employment law and bureaucracy.


We provide a full range of advice on employee benefits, compensation, and tax, from equity compensation arrangements and executive employment contracts to health and welfare plans. We ensure that your business objectives and your employees’ needs are aligned and we consider corporate culture, compensation structure, administrative and regulatory issues to arrive at high-quality solutions that are practical and cost-efficient.


Oghogho Makinde