Energy & Natural Resources SUBPRACTICES

Clean Technologies and Renewables

With a population increase that has stretched power supplies to the breaking point, our oil-rich country is focusing on renewable and clean technologies. Nigeria needs ten times its current electricity output to provide a supply for its entire population of 198 million people. In just the past year, Nigeria has invested over US$20 billion in solar power projects alone. There is a burgeoning need for investors in these businesses, and they will need an experienced and knowledgeable legal team they can trust and rely on.

As a leading renewable energy law firm, we provide cutting-edge advice on renewable energy transactions in Nigeria. We deliver novel solutions and top-tier service to our clients, who are innovators in driving the global transition to sustainable energy. Our experienced team of energy lawyers has specific industry and subject-matter experience, and we provide efficient and forward-thinking solutions to those developers and innovators.

Our multidisciplinary practice team works with every segment of the renewable energy industry, and our advice encompasses regulatory compliance, financing, environmental, intellectual property and dispute resolution. We represent a wide spectrum of industry participants in the formation, development and financing of long-term projects, as well as the purchase and sale of energy.

Environmental Law

Businesses that fail to comply with environmental laws and policies are at high risk of significant sanctions and substantial fines, as well as criminal liability and reputational harm. We have the skills and resources to handle any type of issue, regardless of the industry involved. Our environmental matters arise from a variety of sectors, including construction, energy, oil and gas, food and beverage, manufacturing, mining and power-generating facilities.

Our leading-edge, experienced environmental lawyers are at the forefront of environmental law in Nigeria. We advise our clients, including state-owned entities, petroleum servicing companies, private corporations and multinationals, on all facets of compliance with Nigerian environmental laws, regulations, standards and norms.

Mining and Metals

Nigeria is uniquely positioned in the mining sector, with over 40 natural resources, including sought-after reserves of coal, bitumen, iron ore, barites, limestone, lead-zinc and gold. Nigerian banks and private equity investors are actively exploring the market, as well as international lenders, multinational development partners and private and public mining companies. Each deal must be structured carefully and individualised to the asset, commodity, geography and investors involved in order to ensure the utmost protection and flexibility.

We are the go-to mining lawyers in Nigeria for complex mining matters, and we represent a wide range of Nigerian and international clients, including mining companies, producers, investors and lenders. We represent buyers, sellers and lenders in multimillion transactions involving the production of mines and processing facilities, and we perform all due diligence, negotiations, documentation and closing matters for these transactions.

Oil and Gas

Because Nigeria is still the largest oil and gas producer in Africa, and the sector is the predominant contributor to Nigeria’s revenues and GDP, our clients rely on our award-winning legal team, with our significant skills and deep expertise in oil and gas law. As leading oil and gas lawyers to top Nigerian and international oil and gas clients, we assist and guide private and public sector oil, gas and petrochemical companies, investors and lenders to achieve leading-edge solutions to their legal, regulatory and structural challenges. Our experience with the oil and gas industry encompasses all phases, from exploration and production to acquisition and divestiture.


The Nigerian government has pledged to develop significant infrastructure in the power sector to vastly improve the delivery of a steady supply of power to millions of Nigerians. Burgeoning opportunities abound for investors to capitalise on the Nigerian electrical market, where demand far outstrips supply and the potential for growth is high. Our clients include major independent power producers and developers, investor-owned and publicly-owned electric, gas, water and utilities, lenders, developers and contractors. These clients rely on and trust our experienced and award-winning team of energy and power lawyers for guidance through strategic decisions, transactions, project financings, regulatory compliance, tax matters and litigation.