Infrastructure Finance & PPP SUBPRACTICES


Keeping infrastructure and construction projects on track means knowing precisely where issues, challenges and problems may occur long before they arise. That is exactly the insight our lawyers bring to our clients as they plan, develop, finance and successfully complete large-scale, high-profile construction projects across Nigeria.

Project Finance

Nigeria presents a vast array of unique opportunities for infrastructure development, and there is a growing demand for project funding across a great variety of sectors and industries.  However, a large number of potential projects fail to see the light of day because of difficulties in securing financing.

Because of our vast experience in project finance, our team is well-versed in the key considerations integral to successful project financings in the most critical Nigerian sectors, i.e. power, oil and gas, petrochemicals, telecommunications and real estate. Our project finance lawyers work collaboratively with our clients from project conception to completion. We devise innovative structures and create solutions to meet our clients’ objectives, and we rise to the challenge of the most complex, difficult conditions.

Public and Private Partnerships

The public private partnership (PPP) procurement methodology is increasingly used in various sectors of the Nigerian economy to bring necessary and significant infrastructure projects to fruition. Governments at various levels (i.e. federal, state and local) are increasingly utilising PPP methodology because public officials recognise that private sector participants are better suited to operate and manage businesses, while the greater need for government is to utilise scarce resources in other socio-developmental areas.

Given our wealth of experience in leading the development of unprecedented landmark infrastructure projects, we are extremely adept at handling the unique issues arising in the development and financing of public private partnership projects. Our infrastructure finance and PPP lawyers are highly attuned to the political nuances of public private partnerships, including projects with tolls or revenue risk. We understand the nuanced and complex interplay of contractual risk allocation among the public sector, sponsors and lenders.