Intellectual Property SUBPRACTICES

Dispute and Enforcement

With our sterling reputation and tradition of intellectual property rights enforcement successes, our international and domestic clients know they are in excellent hands. We are the leading IP law firm in Nigeria, and we know how to protect and enforce our clients’ IP rights efficiently and effectively, including copyright law, patent law and trademark law.

In today’s global and digital environment, infringement of intellectual property rights has become increasingly rampant. We work diligently to protect our clients’ IP portfolios in Nigeria, Africa and worldwide. Our experienced litigators and dispute resolution attorneys represent clients in patent and trademark infringement proceedings, trade secret disputes, IP disputes, and royalties matters, among others.


As top-echelon leaders in copyright law in Nigeria, we are your go-to counsel concerning the protection of copyrights, providing advice and representation regarding advertising and promotions in all media. We negotiate and draft licences and take on infringement disputes.  Our broad base of knowledge and skills, including remaining on the leading edge of technology, media and Internet developments, allows us to represent clients of all sizes in a broad range of industries and provide bespoke, cost-effective solutions and services.

Trademarks and Patent Protection

As top trademark lawyers in Nigeria, we are dedicated to the strategic growth, development and protection of our clients’ valuable trademarks. Regardless of size or industry sector, clients turn to us to navigate trademark registration in Nigeria, and they remain with us because of our peerless service.

For example, on behalf of our clients, we proactively monitor publications of the trademark registry to prevent copyright, trademark, or patent infringement by opposing applications. We notify our clients of potential infringement. However, prior to issuing a “cease and desist” letter, we recognise and engage the third party with a view to settling  potential conflicts early, so our clients avoid protracted infringement proceedings. Our service provides the utmost security and protection of clients’ products, and protects and minimises disruption to our clients’ professional image, products and market. We also provide IP watch services.


Uche Nwokocha