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Nigeria today is a leader in agritech start-ups in Africa, as leading entrepreneurs and investors are increasingly focused on new opportunities to reach a huge, previously untapped market.  From designing software to help farmers manage their activities, developing platforms to enable farmers and agribusiness owners to connect, sell and maximize profits, developing technology solutions to allow participants to make money from farming without necessarily owning a farm, and helping to lift farmers out of poverty to profitability, these innovators are radically changing the agricultural space.

We have a deep understanding of the agritech industry in Nigeria, and we advise our Nigerian and international clients in all phases of development and realisation. Our lawyers recognise the challenges confronting agritech businesses in Nigeria and we are confident that, with our help, our clients can maximise opportunities to grow and thrive in this exciting sector.


Financial technology (Fintech) has been at the forefront of venture capital in Nigeria. With exciting innovations in mobile money, bitcoin, digital payments, money transfers, loans and fundraising – we understand that Fintech is proving crucial to the future of Nigeria’s economic success. Statistics show that a significant majority of Nigerians are still unbanked, however Nigerian entrepreneurs, businesses and consumers now have the option of accessing quick and affordable banking solutions by using their mobile phones. The rise in smartphone use and internet penetration have radically changed the level of access that businesses can have to their consumers, and present new opportunities to reach the unbanked in Nigeria. Fintech start-ups and investors need help navigating the emerging telecommunications and digital banking regulatory landscape.

With new opportunities come new stakeholders, new regulations, new regional challenges and market trends. It has never been more important for Fintechs and investors alike to be sure of their short and long-term strategies to maximise the opportunities in the Fintech space. We advise Nigerian and international clients on all aspects of the Fintech sector. Our clients include banks, financial institutions, venture capital funds and others seeking to invest in this growing industry. Our lawyers also advise clients on harnessing and protecting their technology, intellectual property and trade secrets and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The Start-up Ecosystem

With Google and Facebook opening hubs and accelerator programmes in Nigeria, Nigeria is poised to attract more venture capital in the coming years than other South African and East African countries. Whether you are a Nigerian or international venture capitalist, an angel investor, an entrepreneur or start-up business owner, our start-up lawyers will offer strategic counsel on investments, capital and exploring growth opportunities.

Our approach is always practical and client-oriented. Our priority is to structure innovative, tax-advantaged solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Venture Capital

The venture capital market in Nigeria is growing rapidly and offers a huge upside for investors.  Our experienced venture capital lawyers take the time to educate clients on the risks and rewards and how best to navigate challenges from formation to exit.

We offer our clients, in all stages of development and a diverse array of industries, a practical and deep understanding of the legal needs of companies seeking venture capital investments. We also represent venture capital funds in their formation, governance, financing and investments.

Please contact our sector experts, Reginald Udom, Oludare Senbore or Naomi Amobi, to discuss your business needs and goals, and find out how we can help you realise your vision.


Reginald Udom

Managing Partner