White Collar & Business Crime Investigations SUBPRACTICES

Government Investigations

Our team is able to deploy our considerable credibility with enforcement authorities in Nigeria and through alliances, in Africa on behalf of our clients. We have helped clients navigate complex or unfamiliar regulatory challenges, whether criminal or civil. Our government investigation team includes seasoned defence lawyers. Our priority is to resolve problems with no charges filed and avoid litigation or adverse publicity. We advise on cultural nuances with the benefit of local language skills, coordinate regulatory settlements and manage legal risk and compliance within the ambit of the law.

Fraud and Anti-Corruption Investigations

Our team of cross-disciplinary lawyers have experience conducting investigations and advising on several white-collar crime regulatory frameworks, including fraud and anti-corruption laws, banking statutes, financial regulations, economic sanctions, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing laws. Whether allegations involve bribery, financial fraud, political corruption, criminal tax, or other unique matters, we have a seasoned and effective team to defend our client’s assets, personal freedom of employees, corporate reputations and avoid the erosion of revenue.

Internal Investigations

We are able to accomplish the goals of internal investigations, regardless of the size or scope. We help clients determine potential exposure, reduce costs, retain customers, restore investor confidence, avoid employee crisis, and limit sanctions where applicable. Our goal is to allow our clients to return to business as normal and as expeditiously as possible.

Risk Management

We manage a wide array of complex, high stakes matters. We assess the risks and nuances arising from investigations and enforcement actions. Our experience covers all phases of legal risk management planning, from corporate compliance to regulatory enforcement. In addition to the wide range of business risks we support clients to manage, we also advise on sanctions, export controls and securities regulations, all of which are subject to change and the enactment of new regulations under Nigerian law.